Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caught in the Act!!

I had just cleaned the bathroom including the porcelain throne, I went to go put the chemicals away as I closed the cabinet  I heard a splashing I walked in the bathroom and  Evia had  both hands in the toilet and she was splashing her hands and laughing it was so funny but so gross!! I immediatly picked her up and washed her hands , and even when I was washing her hands she was still laughing

The Battle of Bath time!!!

Now Titan loves the water  and if he sees a pond puddle or stream he jumps right in but when it comes to getting him to come into the bathroom and in a tub that is a different story. He is not as afraid of the wood floor as he first was  but as soon as he heard the tub  going he skidded across the kitchen floor trying to run away from me . I ran after him and I picked him up he was not happy he was whining and squirming all over and titan is no weiner dog . He is getting to be a big boy so lets say I think I will have a few bruises tommorow. I finally got him in the tub and when I turned the shower on he froze and the water was dark brown boy black fur sure hides dirt well. And his fur is newfie fur it is meant to be water proof so I really had to soak him to get him wet  and once I started shampooing he calmed down and enjoyed the ride. Titan had some mats  on his tail and by his behind so I went to go get some scissors to cut them off and he decided to make his getaway. He ran out of the tub and slide everywhere in the kitchen cause not only was he wet  he was still was covered in shampoo!! He ran in the living room and before I knew it he was shaking.  Everything slowed down as if everything  was in  slow motion as I he shook and got our couches rug and newly mopped and painted living room . I grabbed his collar and dragged him back in . When he got back in he was fine . And sadly I had to trim almost  all of the pretty long hair off of his tail cause it was in dredlock mats. I thought I did a good job until later when I dried him off it looked like a  really bad barber haircut.But at least he was clean . Then after I dried him I looked at the aftermath. Hair and water were all over the floor, shower, window and tub. and there was a huge giant hairball blocking the drain. But I took these pictures in the middle of the cleaning it was alot worse earlier but here are  some funny shots. We will need alot of draino now.

Happy Birthday Papsey

For my papsey's birthday we came up to mum and dads and we stopped by costco and got dad a cool shop stool and some micro fiber cloths for his garage. Dad has been meaning to get his garage organized but has been to busy to tackle it  so we decided to come up and help him.  David and dad worked in the garage while I helped weed the yard the boys were having good man time. And I am glad we were able to help and make life a little easier for my mum and dad. When dad opened up his stool he was so excited and he stuck it right in his garage before anyone else could see it. It is nice and cushioned so hopefully it will help his tailbone and back won't hurt when he wants to go out and tinker. We also brought mexican coke for my mum and she was nice enough to share it with the boys.

David and Dad are working the sexy coke advertisement look ! he he

Here is evias two favorite berntsen ladies her Me Ma and ketty

Ketty was a mad pie  making beast she made dad 2 gluten free pies and like 5 more for everybody else grandpa and aunt marilyn came up and so did evias boyfriend jenkin and here is something funny I went out on the porch and saw 3 pairs of shoes my dads' davids and jenkins  and guess what they were all the same!!  And if you don't beleive me  here is the picture to prove it . I guess adidas are the new style he he

We had an amazing dinner Berntsen style full with nummy baked beans steak  fruit and for birthday cake we had ketty's pies. Evia helped grampy unwrap his presents  he got some shelves and cupboards  for the garage from mumsey and he got  a shop magazine subscription from ketty, and we got dad the shop stool and rags. Dad was beaming and he was truly happy just to be with his family and loved ones . He is such a simple man
 and is still  the man that I look up to the most. Happy birthday papsey and many more to come!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My little Ballerina

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Halloween  Party Ideas

Here are some halloween ideas for decorating and for games I thought hangmans noose aka hanging doughnuts, and bobbin for apples would be fun.